About us at Mama Yay!

At Mama Yay, you'll find things that make you Mama (and Papa) go YAY! :) We ourselves are mama & papa who just have a penchant for clever baby solutions that makes growing up a little more fun for you and your lil' ones! So, check out our curation of good stuff that we hope you enjoy too! Mama Yay is the exclusive distributor of BapronBaby in Singapore!

If you've any questions that we didn't answer below, please feel free to click the Whatsapp us (link on bottom right of the page) or text us at +6588021156! :)


FAQ on Orders and Shipping

What shipping methods for Singapore?

Mama Yay engages a fleet of trusty shipping providers like Ninjavan, J&T, Qxpress and Janio. Tracking is available and you may track via the details which will be emailed to you. 


Do you ship outside of Singapore?

Yes! We ship worldwide, shipping price is calculated at checkout. 

In particular, we ship regionally!
Malaysia - from 3.90sgd
Indonesia - from 3.90sgd
Thailand - from 6.80sgd
Vietnam - from 6.80sgd
South Korea - from 6.80sgd 

Please feel free to email us at hello@mamayay.sg for more information.


How long will it take to receive my order?

We aim to pack and ship your order out within 24 hours. Local shipping usually takes 1-3 working days to reach you. Priority shipping is also available as possible as well. Please Whatsapp message us to discuss on the urgency and the rates. 

Orders submitted will be processed and shipped within 24 hours upon confirmation of payment. You will receive a confirmation email once items have been shipped.

For international orders, we are happy to search the best deal to deliver your orders. Please feel free to email us at hello@mamayay.sg.


Can I make changes to my order after it's placed?

As long as we have not already fulfilled your order, any order questions please direct to hello@mamayay.sg and be sure to include your order number so we can look you up.



FAQ on Bapronbaby

What is a Bapron?

A "bapron" is a patent pending bib-apron hybrid, designed specifically for children who dislike traditional bibs that tie around the neck, and who are self-feeding at an early age (baby led weaning). These baprons safely secure around your little ones body rather than their neck. Making it pretty much impossible to pull off their bib without adult assistance. 


What size should I order?

This patent-pending design allows our baprons to grow with your child, meaning one Toddler bapron fits from 6 months all the way to 3T (13” long from front of neck to bottom), and a Preschool bapron will fit all throughout preschool and kindergarten! 3-5yrs (16” long from front of neck to bottom)


What material is a Bapron made with?

Our unique material is actually a polyester interlock that is permanently fused to what is essentially a plant-based "plastic".  This unique film is both safe for baby and 100% waterproof (and made in the United States)  Since polyester is a naturally flame retardant material, we don't apply any sprays or treatments on any of our materials.  Safety is my #1 priority with all of our products, and we have them certified by the CPSIA to be 100% free of lead, phalates, bpa, and approved for use with food.  


How do I clean my Bapron?

Quick Cleaning: rinse entire bapron under water to remove all food/crumbs.  Gently shake off water and allow to air dry fully.  Bapron will be ready to use again when fully dry 

Deep Cleaning: Baprons are machine washable and may be tumbled dry on any heat setting.  Do not iron as it may damage the waterproof layer. Our material is so durable it can even be washed with bleach (just be sure to follow the bleach instructions)



Why don't Baprons have pockets?

Because of the unique, patent-pending design, the baprons "bowl up" in your toddler's lap, allowing them to easily try again when they drop food from their mouth. A prototypes with few pockets were made and it was quickly discovered that:

1- Unsanitary gunk gets tends to get stuck in pocket seams

2- They tend to be a distraction for little ones and create a less-pleasant mealtime, and

3- They take forever to dry

...So we scrapped the project and stuck with what worked best - the patent-pending design of the Bapron!


Are Baprons stain resistant?

Yup. They sure are! The unique fabric is not only soft, lightweight, and waterproof... it's stain resistant! However, in those times where you just don't have time to wash your bapron immediately after a meal here are some tips to getting out possible discoloration.

Getting accidental stains out is as easy as 1,2,3...

1- Lay bapron flat on the counter fabric side-up and apply some dish soap to the stained areas.

2- Get your dish scrubber wet and go to town on the bapron. Really scrub it— this fabric is tough!

3- Toss it in the washing machine and wash/dry it normally.

This should at the very least get 99% of the discoloration out. Doing this immediately after a messy/vibrant meal like spaghetti or sloppy joes is always best, but mom life is busy and we know it’s not always realistic to wash a bapron right away.



FAQ on GoSili

What are GoSili products made of?
​GoSili products are 100% European grade silicone and do not contain chemical fillers...EVER. In addition, our cups feature a microwavable stainless-steel ring to strengthen our GoSili cups, providing a unique and awesome drinking experience.


Are GoSili or Silikids products safe for my children?

Yes! They are made of 100% European-grade silicone. It is tested to be BPA, BPS, phthalate, PVC, and lead free.


Can I sterilise my Silicone products?

Yes! It can even be boiled to sterilize. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe.


So what is silicone?
​Silicone is the second most abundant element on earth and is made from sand and carbon and does not degrade over time making it endlessly reusable!


Why does GoSili use European grade silicone vs. FDA?
​GoSili uses European grade silicone, also known as LFGB silicone. Unlike other grades of silicone, LFGB silicone is held to the highest of standards, is platinum cured and is free of toxins.


How does silicone compare to plastic?
​Plastics contain harsh chemicals that can leach toxic materials into foods and drinks. Silicone is non-toxic, eco-friendly and is virtually indestructible so it can be used over and over again. Need we say more? Silicone is also resistant to extreme temperatures so you can safely use your GoSili reusable silicone products in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, with hot drinks, with cold drinks and you can even boil it to sterilize! No need to worry about melting, breaking, or warping like plastics.


Why should I stop using single-use plastics?
​Single-use plastics are taking over our landfills and filling up our oceans. Every day, 500 million plastic straws are thrown away in the US and 100 billion disposable cups go to the land fills each year. This kind of waste is just not sustainable. It is time to waste less, and go sili.


Why is silicone better than other plastic alternatives?
​Think of it this way. Do you want to drink out of a paper straw that melts faster than you can drink? No. Do you want to drink out of a reusable stainless-steel straw that can chip your tooth? No. Do you want to drink out of a reusable glass straw that can break in your mouth? No. Do you want to drink out of a reusable GoSili Silicone Straw that is soft and flexible? Why, yes, yes you do.


Can I recycle my GoSili products?
​One of the many reasons we love silicone is because it is pretty much indestructible. However, if the time comes to say, refresh your silicone stash, silicone can be recycled. Not all recycling centers are setup to recycle silicone, so if your local recycling center does not, we will take care of it for you!



What is the return policy?

There is no return for purchased items. However, should there be a manufacturer defects, exchange would be valid within 7 days of purchase if the following criteria are fuilfilled:

1 - All items must be in its original packaging

2 - Proof of purchase with product tags intact.

3 - All items must be unworn, unused, unwashed and in its original condition

4 - All shipping charges resulting from the exchange will be borne by the customer

Please email us at hello@mamayay.sg for any defects of product. All products have been quality checked prior to shipment.


What if I received a defective item?

If you feel your product was delivered defective in some way, please email us directly at hello@mamayay.sg with images to show the damage/defect. Defective products will be replaced/returned/discounted on a case-by-case basis, and we will work directly with the customer to resolve any concerns.


Do you offer wholesale or retail opportunity?

Yes! We are the exclusive distributor for Bapronbaby in Singapore and regionally. Besides Singapore, we supply wholesale of BapronBaby to Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong. If your country is not listed here, please email us to explore the opportunities. We are also the authorised distributor for GoSili in Singapore! We love to see our products in boutiques and retail stores! Please email us at hello@mamayay.sg to discuss further!