Why Bapron is the bib that mums and feeding specialists love!

I would like to share with you a little more about Bapron and why we love it so much! And I hope you’ll love it too!

First up, Not just a bib, not just an apron. It's Bapron!

Perfect companion for messy meals and crafting! Just eat, rinse, repeat!

Each Bapron is handcut and sewn with love for your little one. 100% baby safe, BPA free, CPSIA compliant, and 100% responsibly made with fair labor standards.

Peachy Dreams Bapron and Food Parade Bapron


What is a Bapron?

A "bapron" is a patent bib-apron hybrid, designed specifically for children who dislike traditional bibs that tie around the neck, and who are self-feeding at an early age (baby led weaning).

Adventure Awaits Bapron


These baprons safely secure around your little ones body rather than their neck. Making it pretty much impossible to pull off their bib without adult assistance.

Vintage Rose Bapron


Camping Bear Bapron

We’ve personally use it daily with our baby who so absolutely dislike the traditional bibs and she would yank it out. But with Bapron, she is soo comfortable and so happy because it doesn’t go around her neck and she enjoys her meal a lot more! This is why we have to bring Bapron to Singapore and around the region!

Because we want you to win at weaning! Yay!

Minimalist Bapron in Black


Why we love Bapron's material?

Our fabric is a durable-yet-buttery-soft waterproof fabric that is quick-drying, stain resistant, machine washable, and 100% certified baby-safe (free of harmful chemicals and safe for even the most sensitive of skin). BapronBaby Baprons are made entirely of high quality eco-friendly fabric that is fire retardant, anti-microbial, and 100% responsibly made with fair labor standards.


Safety is my #1 priority with all of our products, and we have them certified by the CPSIA to be 100% free of lead, phalates, bpa, and approved for use with food.


Organic Produce Bapron


Comfort is key! And why Feeding Specialists recommend Baprons!

Comfort is key in creating a positive association to baby's first experiences with food.

You want your child to be able to be unhindered by discomfort and be able to freely explore food with all their senses.

Cookies and Milk Bapron

Bapron is the most comfortable bib-apron ever! Many mothers shared with us how their children dislike traditional bibs (like silicone bibs) as it weigh heavy on their necks & causes kids to yank bib out during mealtimes.

But Baprons tie around the body and not their little necks, kids feel calm & comfortable.

Rainbow Caterpillar Bapron

Bapron is well-recommended by many feeding specialists in the USA like Dawn Winkelmann (Speech-Language Pathologist and Pediatric Feeding Therapist), Megan McNamee (Pediatric Registered Dietician) and Judy Delaware (OT/Feeding Specialist).

"The Bapron is the only bib we recommend to our clients and followers. It allows parents to relax about messy eating and makes kids want to come to the table since they love wearing it!"
- Megan McNamee MPH, RDN (Pediatric Registered Dietician) and Judy Delaware OTR (OT/Feeding Specialist) Co-Owners, Feeding Littles

Boho Floral Bapron

I know mealtimes can be messy and you want minimal clean-ups as much as possible. Especially in our hot and humid weather in Singapore and Asia, you wouldn't want to be donning a bib with long sleeve coverage during mealtime, don't you? It's just like wearing a sweater for meals in our hot climate! Must be quite a feat to even finish the meal! Phew!

So, what our children really need is a lightweight, breathable airy bib that provides great coverage and comfort! And that's Bapron!

Trust me, I am a mama with a messy little eater living in the sunny island called Singapore! Bapron is such a need! Many mamas who tried Bapron would text me to say how Bapron is really such a lifesaver! You gotta try it to know why! :)

Rainbow Caterpillar Bapron


Bapron is so easy to clean!

Super easy to clean and quick drying!

Quick Cleaning: Rinse entire bapron under water to remove all food/crumbs. Gently shake off water and allow to air dry fully. Bapron will be ready to use again when fully dry.

Deep Cleaning: Baprons are machine washable and may be tumbled dry on any heat setting. Do not iron as it may damage the waterproof layer. Our material is so durable it can even be washed with bleach (just be sure to follow the bleach instructions)

Personally for us and even for many Bapron-loving mums, we love to bring Bapron out for meals because it's so lightweight and folds well to a tiny bundle! And we would use wet wipes to clean off any crumbs and give it a good wash when we're home! Easy Peasy!

Minimalist Bapron in Grey


Some people would ask, why don't Baprons have pockets?

Because of the unique design, the baprons "bowl up" in your toddler's lap, allowing them to easily try again when they drop food from their mouth. 

A prototypes with few pockets were made and it was quickly discovered that:

1/ Unsanitary gunk gets tends to get stuck in pocket seams. Yikes!

2/ They tend to be a distraction for little ones and create a less-pleasant mealtime, and

3/ They take forever to dry...So we scrapped the project and stuck with what worked best - the design of the Bapron!

The "bowl up" design on your toddler's lap is really a plus point! Many mama loves how Bapron is long enough to cover the thighs of their child! Most bibs (with or without pockets) stops at the mid-torso of the child and it doesn't even catch much food crumbs, sauce or soup. Often, crumbs, sauce and soup ends up at the child's thighs. But with Bapron, the bowl up design catches food and it doesn't reach the child's inner thighs. With Bapron, it's way cleaner during mealtimes!

 Food Parade Bapron

Great Mileage!

Bapron grows with your child!

This design allows our Baprons to grow with your child, meaning one Toddler Bapron fits from 6 months all the way to 3T (13” long from front of neck to bottom), and a Preschool Bapron will fit all throughout preschool and kindergarten! 3-5yrs (16” long from front of neck to bottom).

Organic Produce Bapron

Bapron is the bib that gives you greater mileage! Bapron is the perfect companion for messy meals, crafting, sensory play, food preps with mummy and so much more!

Too cute, too comfy!

Baprons comes in many prints that makes mealtime! Comes in matchy Wet Bags and Splash Mats too!


Mama Yay hopes you love Baprons as much as we do! 

Feel free to drop us a text (+65 88021156) or email us at hello@mamayay.sg if you want to find out more! We will be most glad to chat with you!

Mama Yay is the official, exclusive distributor for Bapronbaby in Singapore and Asia! 

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