Mealtimes - Shirtless Feeding or not?

Ms Dawn is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Pediatrics Feeding Specialist. Hear from her as she shares her insights about feeding!

Posted • @msdawnslp Q: How do you feel about shirtless feedings?⁠

A: I understand that shirtless feedings are super convenient and, not to mention, less laundry 🧺. But I've seen soooooooo many babies who were eating great when they started solids 🥑 all of a sudden lose interest 🥱 in eating or, worse... refuse to eat 🤐 because food or liquids has spilled on their bare chest or stomach. It's important to safeguard a positive sensory experience at mealtime by providing your baby 👶🏽 with a safe bib when eating. When I say safe, I mean a lightweight fabric that ties around the back, not a heavy ⚓️ silicone bib that pulls on your baby's delicate neck. My favorite bib is by BapronBaby. 🍋 🚜🦕 🍍🐛🌵🪐🌈! Happy Feeding! ⁠

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