Importance of a Safe Bib like Bapron

Ms Dawn is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Pediatrics Feeding Specialist. Hear from her as she shares about the importance of a safe bib like Bapron!


Repost• @msdawnslp I had tons of emails 📧, DM's, and calls about a video I did on why it's important to use a safe bib at mealtime with your baby 👶🏽. (Refer to the earlier video posted)

One of the most common comments (including questions & concerns) was regarding full-coverage bibs' safety. You know the ones that completely cover the baby and the highchair tray, and baby looks like they have t-rex 🦖 arms trying to self-feed?⁠

I'm not a fan because those bibs can negatively impact a baby's ability to cross midline to grab food 🥑 and utensils 🥄 easily. Additionally, safety is a growing concern among feeding therapists and parents alike. They've shared their near-choking experiences at mealtime, which resulted in difficulties getting their baby out ⬆️ of the highchair because the bib attaches to the baby... the tray... and the chair! And when it's covered with liquids and food it can be a challenge to remove in an emergency 🚨situation.⁠

In my feeding practice and my #BLW courses, I only use the Bapron Bib. This bib provides plenty of coverage at mealtime while allowing baby 👶🏽 to cross midline, promoting feeding independence, and (most importantly) it does not slow YOU down in removing your baby out of the highchair in an emergency. This makes mealtime less messy and safer too!

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