How and why should mums reward themselves

By Dr Lee Jiayi

As we celebrate International Women's Day, let's hear from a fellow mum on how and why should mums reward themselves!

Introducing Dr Lee Jiayi! She is a doctor who received an unexpected surprise from the stork and is now a struggling mother to identical twins Madeline and Megan. Her 19 month old twins only wear Baprons by their choosing and she has no time to fight with them otherwise. 

On Madeline and Megan: 

Sweetheart Bapron

 and Boho Floral Splash Mat


We celebrate mums of all shapes and sizes, especially when they are the pillars of the family juggling work life, family life, and school life. However, beneath the glitz and glamour of pregnancy announcements and gender reveals, is a mother who takes on the responsibility of growing her child (or children), alone. She is the one who has sleepless nights when the pregnancy has hiccups, and faces immense anxiety as her due date draws near. 

There are many risks in pregnancy that a woman endures, and child birth is certainly no walk in the park even with the medical advances of today. It remains difficult, and potentially life threatening regardless of having a vaginal delivery or caesarean section. 

Therefore, do not forget that YOU, deserve not only rest, but also a reward for putting yourself through the challenges of pregnancy and labour!

Here are some things you can splurge on as a new mother:

1/   Photography

While your child will outgrow the baby cot eventually, photos are everlasting. Spending the time and effort to dress up the little ones may be unappealing, but nice photos of the family will always be treasured.

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2/   Nice baby gear

While branded clothes are a waste when children outgrow them so fast, investing in special pieces of baby gear that can be reused over a long time is the way to go. Even with affordable alternatives available from Taobao, we cannot deny that the most aesthetic and beautiful prints cannot be replicated there. Therefore, it is worth the money investing in a print you really love, especially for reusable items that are multifunctional and can uplift the aesthetics of all the photos of your little ones.


3/   Weaning items

Starting solids is one of the most exciting times in the first year of life, but also, it adds a lot more time and preparation to daily routines. In order to save time, consider meal prep and freezing. It is definitely healthier than buying commercial baby food. However, be careful of using cheap plastics to store baby food. As careful as we are with choosing baby bottles, we should also be careful in making sure we minimize exposure to BPA in food storage. Safer alternatives include glass and silicone, as opposed to plastic.


In picture: Weanmeister Freezer Pods, Mini Adorabowls and Adorabowls


4/   Massage

Whether it be postnatal massage or lactation massage, a massage is one of the times you can truly enjoy the time for yourself. It blocks out distractions, relieves tension from lack of sleep, and is a must needed treat for new parents. 


5/   Outsource help

As much as material items help to uplift our moods, regular mental breaks are also essential to reduce motherhood burnout. Do be open to extra help especially on the bad days when you are sick, feeling overwhelmed or exhausted from a bad night. It is only when you are in a good place mentally, that you are able to take on the world. Sometimes, that takes some rest.

Dr Lee's opinions are purely hers alone, and do not represent any medical advice or any healthcare institution. 

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