Bapron - The Safe & Comfy Bib

Pediatric Feeding Specialist and Speech-Language Pathologist Dawn Winkelmann @msdawnslp highly recommends Bapron and here’s what she says about Bapron:


I often see babies 👶🏽 with bibs that tie around the neck, constantly pulling 🖐🏽 on their bib. They do this because the weight and feel of a neck bib can be SO uncomfortable, and it can easily distract them from eating. When picking out your mealtime gear, choose a bib that ties around your baby’s BACK instead of their neck. I love BapronBaby bibs because this sensory feature of tying around the BACK decreases mealtime distractions. The Bapron bib is lightweight, and they come in so many beautiful 😻 prints too! Like the...⁠

🍋Fresh Lemon Bapron⁠
🌮Taco Party⁠
🚧Construction Zone⁠
🌵Desert Cactus⁠
🐛Rainbow Caterpillar⁠
🏔Adventure Awaits⁠

Get the safe & comfy Bapron recommended by many Feeding Specialist on today! 🛒

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