Baby Led Weaning Journey Sharing

By Zephyr Eng 

Hello! My name is Zephyr. I’m a mom to a beautiful 15-month old baby boy. I’m also a semi-finalist of Masterchef Singapore Season 2, and I co-run a Peranakan restaurant, Rumah Bebe.

The start of our BLW journey

When we decided to begin our Baby Led Weaning (BLW) journey with James, we were apprehensive and a little nervous. We weren’t sure if he could chew without any teeth, and we often wondered if he would choke. Also, we thought about what we should do if it did evolve into a choking accident. Those were one of the initial concerns I had at every meal for the first month of this journey.

Preparing for BLW

For the first week, I started off slowly with softer foods like soft-boiled sweet potatoes, carrot sticks, bananas, avocados, and gradually introduced foods like salmon, melons, berries and toast.


Even at 15 months now, I have to ensure that James’s food does not contain any honey, salt, sugar, or MSG. To add to the flavor profile of his meals, I used a range of herbs and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, kaffir lime leaves and rosemary.

We had to be prepared that most of the food items often ended up being played with and thrown on the floor (and so a Bapron (BLW Bib) and Splash Mat is essential!).

On James: Be Brave - Firefighter Bapron and Navy Splash Mat

Despite the potential messiness, we persevered with BLW as it promotes independence, and it helps with crucial hand-eye-coordination. It also teaches the child to recognize once they are full. 

Every meal is about discovery and that makes it very interesting! The fun part is watching your baby discover and experiment with the various textures, sensations, and taste of different foods. Looking back now, I can see that James has been on a remarkable little journey with all the foods he has tried.

Being a working mom, it is never easy to find time to prepare and cook proper meals, hence batch-cooking or freezer-friendly foods are the way to go. When executed well, these fast and simple meals can save time for on-the-go moms. 

 Peach Freezer Pods

Stay tuned for Zephyr's freezer friendly Spinach and Carrot Waffles receipe! 

All views expressed in this article are my personal opinions as a mother. Views are of no affiliation with any organizations or institutes.

This article does not deep dive into baby-led weaning. Please research more as necessary for your decision making as a caregiver.




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