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Children are designed to move

Even when they sit. This is why a good highchair offers the child support as well as freedom to move - both while sitting at the table and when climbing in and out of the chair.

Nomi was developed from an ambition to create the world's best highchair, in terms of safety, form and function. Nomi is seamlessly adjusted without tools and will evolve with your child's changing need for support at the family table. The soft, organic contours are pleasing to the eye and invite the child to stay active and mobile in many different sitting positions. 

Nomi won the "Best in Test" by the Danish Consumer Council TÆNK with the following comments from the comprehensive test:

"With Peter Opsvik's ergonomic design, it creates a clear distance to the other highchairs in the test. And in addition Nomi contains no unwanted chemistry or problems with safety. Nomi is the only one of 13 tested chairs to go through the test without remarks".

Nomi won the test convincingly with a clear distance to test no. 2.

Nomi has also been named test winner by the German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest and their sister organization in Austria.

Most recently (2019), Nomi was the first and only highchair ever to win a Product Safety Award, awarded by the EU Commissions Consumer Safety council. Nomi was elected by representatives of all security councils in the EU and members of consumer organizations. Nomi won the award for its groundbreaking design that eliminates and reduces a wide range of known risks with classic highchairs, documented by government accident statistics.

Nomi is very easy to adjust - seamlessly and without tools

You can adjust the seat and footrest by turning a knob, which is easily loosened and tightened by hand. This means that you can quickly adjust Nomi to match the changing needs of your child - or to fit visiting children or grandchildren of varying ages. The conical shape of the stem provides added safety as it prevents the seat and footrest from sliding, in case you forget to tighten the knob.

Nomi should be adjusted to match the height of your child and table. Start by positioning the seat so that your child's elbows are level on the table; then adjust the footrest so that the thighs are level and the feet resting flat. The design of the stem ensures that the depth of the seat and footrest are always correct.

A solid footplate is the foundation for all movement and healthy motoric development.

Nomi Baby is also adjusted seamlessly and without tools from almost horizontal to more upright positions.



Nomi Highchair adjustment 


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